Have a Look at Our Latest Projects

Below you will find a selection of our past marketing projects. We offer a short description of the nature of the project as well as examples of graphics, videos and other content produced over the course of our work. Make sure to check back in, as this page will be updated with projects as they happen!

Uuganaachat Podcover - 3Lance Marketing project

UuganaaChat Podcast

We have worked with award winning economic journalist Uuganbayar Batsukh to launch the UuganaaChat Podcast, which features guests from …, …, …, and ….

Consistent brand graphics and promotional materials.

Logos, Social Media headers, and profile pictures. website and SEO services.

UuganaaChat Logos


Promos + Graphics

Here is a selections of assets produced for the project as well as a virtual tour of below.

So Simple Shop - Enuukhendee

Wisconsin based retailer So Simple Shop, who operate a brick and mortar store, as well as an Ecommerce store:, has worked with us to create banner advertising and video promotions.

Banner ads. for video overlay placement.

Business cards

Video advertisements for social media.


Promos + Banners

Here is a selections of assets produced for the So Simple Shop project.

project Concepts

Promos + Videos

Here is a selection of assets produced outside of a project scope, for demonstration purposes.